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Insurance & Billing Policies

  • Dr. Brooks is not contracted with any insurance companies including Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and those that function for and as Medicaid (“AHCCCS” in Arizona).

  • Dr. Brooks DOES uniformly discount his fees for all patients holding Medicare Part B, Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage), and/or Medicaid (AHCCCS)  as specified on the Fee Policy page.

  • All patients are required to pay in full at the time of each visit by check, debit, or credit card. 


  • Each patient will be provided a codified receipt (“superbill”) detailing the diagnoses, the services rendered, the charges, and the payment verification. All patients should retain a copy of each receipt for tax filing purposes.

  • Patients who do not hold Medicare and/or Medicaid insurance policies may submit the receipt ("superbill") to their insurance company for processing under the “out of network” or “out of plan” parameters of their policy.​ Dr. Brooks codes his services in accord with rules established by CMS and the AMA. He does not take responsibility for how an insurance company processes your claim.

  • Dr. Brooks is “opted out” of Medicare at least through 01-31-22. In other words, Dr. Brooks does not accept Medicare/Medicare Advantage insurance at least through 01-31-22.​

  • As required by Federal law, Patients who do hold Medicare and/or Medicaid insurance may not submit the receipt ("superbill") to any health insurance company and must sign a contract with William James Brooks, DO, PC prior to being seen by Dr. Brooks acknowledging that neither they nor Dr. Brooks may file for reimbursement from any health insurance company.

  • Dr. Brooks does not accept liens.

  • Fees for any patient whose care is covered by an institution will not be discounted. Those patients will only be seen upon advance written acknowledgement that fees will promptly be paid in full, along with clearly defining any limitations on the extent of care. Dr. Brooks reserves the right to decline initiation of care should such definitions limiting the extent of care either be unstated or incompatible with a realistic chance of successful restorative care.

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