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Dr. Brooks is a life saver. Over the last 35 years I have a had number of injuries, each of which I thought had healed, but slowly my ability to stand and walk got worse and worse. A friend finally nagged me into trying an osteopath and I will be eternally grateful that she did! I have only seen Dr. Brooks 4 times over the last month and already I am standing/walking better than I have in many years. I am also breathing better, which I didn’t even realize had been compromised. If this rate of improvement keeps up I will be athletic again within 6 months! Dr. Brooks is a true expert at what he does, very caring and committed to his patient’s healing. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

- Emily Butler, PhD

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I am 77 years old and have osteoarthritis. Thanks to Dr. Brooks's unique treatment methods, I now have better range of motion, less pain, and more ability to walk. He has also suggested healthful supplements, and an exercise program, for continued improvement. Dr. Brooks takes time to explain everything in detail and answers numerous questions.  

- Sondra H.

I was suffering from recurring lower back pain which was at times quite disabling. Physicians I consulted had no answers except pain medication or surgery or waiting it out. Dr. Brooks conducted a thorough exam and history, and after some manipulation prescribed some nutritional supplements, advice about adjusting my gait, and a set of exercises. The pain soon went away entirely, and has never returned. I’ve been back pain free for 10 years!


- Len Clark, PhD

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In 2006 I was struck by a pickup truck while riding my bicycle. I suffered traumatic injuries and had to learn to walk and move again. It was a very painful process. Dr. Brooks helped me get my life back together again by alleviating my pain and increasing my range of motion. He has helped me more than anyone. His advice on nutrition and on the right kind of exercise for me has been crucial in my recovery. I refer people to Dr. Brooks all the time. I know they will get good results too.


- Nancy Nowick-Kauk

The care and results I have received from Dr Brooks, has been priceless. I've had painful knees, and feet returned to a pain free state. I've had an aching rib cage, hip pain and right jaw pain that a Sports trainer and Chiropractor could not relieve, removed after one OMM treatment with Dr Brooks. The results are astounding. I would definitely encourage anyone with pain, stiffness, decreased joint mobility or back pain to see Dr Brooks. You will be very happy with the results, and be able to return to a full functioning lifestyle. His work is amazing.

- Cindy

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Dr. Brooks was thorough and thoughtful while assessing my situation and needs. I appreciate his unique, intuitive approach. He has a unique skill set that is not readily found. He is sorely missed in the KC area. Dr. Brooks encouraged me to make significant changes that have resulted in life saving decisions. Lastly, I appreciate his psychological approach; our thinking directly impacts our physical well-being. 


Wishing you much success in AZ! 

- Alethea

Dr. Brooks is one of those rare physicians who treats the patient holistically – considering not only the symptoms of pain or limited mobility or other specific complaint that brings us to the office. With specialization on musculoskeletal manipulation (rather than surgery) his physical exam is supplemented by considerations of nutrition, lifestyle and other elements to provide comprehensive treatment. In my case, long standing issues initiated by abuse of my back was treated with manipulation and supplements based upon lab tests as well as his knowledge and experience. The result was a high degree of resilience – rare flares triggered by careless movement were usually quickly resolved without a painkiller or visit, just stretching. I am confident of his diagnostic and treatment abilities, and am impressed with his continued learning and seeking objective, quantifiable measures for diagnosis, treatment and performance.

- Manny Furst, PhD

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