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New Patient Information

Step 1

First please review Dr. Brooks' practice, fee, and insurance/billing policies.

New Patient Information

Step 2

If you are then interested in scheduling an appointment, please call Dr. Brooks at 816-746-0128. He will return your call and review the nature of your complaints as to whether a consultation will likely prove beneficial to you. If so, he will schedule your initial visit.

Step 3

If you are scheduled for your first appointment, please download, print, fill out completely, and bring with you to your appointment the appropriate history form. You may, of course, add additional pages as required to complete your medical history.

Please do NOT mail or email your history form in advance. Thank you.

Step 4

Please also bring with you:

  • pertinent copies of your old medical records — especially imaging studies with reports and consultations regarding your current health complaints

  • pairs of shoes that you use frequently

  • any shoe inserts/orthotics/heel lifts and bite appliances/retainers which you currently use

Male and female patients: please wear very loose fitting clothing for all visits.

Female patients: please do not wear girdles, underwire bras, dresses, skirts, or stretch pants; rather, please wear slacks, scrubs, or shorts.

Please do not bring children requiring supervision to the appointment, as they are likely to significantly compromise the value of your visit.

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